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Group Workshops

Overview: About The Workshop Programs

What Are These Kits All About?

Each kit is a self-contained, do-it-yourself course that enables you to bring together a group of parents, teachers, students, colleagues, staff, clients, friends or neighbors to solve common problems of living or working with children of all ages.

How Do I Get a Group Started at Home or at Work?

You can organize a group on your own, or through your school, church, synagogue, "Y", nursery school, PTA, adult education center, social services agency or at business (during lunch hour).

How Many People Should Be in a Group?

Each course was designed for six to twelve people. The programs, however, have also been used successfully by as few as two or as many as 100+.

What happens in the Workshop Sessions?

All programs include a complete and smoothly flowing framework for each meeting. A selected chairperson, or leader, is in charge of distributing materials, operating the video or audio player, and reading aloud simple directions from the Chairperson's Guide. The authors "conduct" each session on CD.

Group members follow along using their workbooks, which are coordinated with the audios or videos. As each new skill is presented, through cartoons and "true-to-life" dramatizations, participants will have a chance to discuss their reactions with each other and consolidate their new learning by doing practice exercises in their workbooks. Participants will also have opportunities to role play common problem situations and share their reactions with each other.

At no point is anyone required to divulge anything personal. The format provides a warm, relaxed and enjoyable way for all members of the group to learn and practice valuable communication skills.

Can Professionals and Those Who Are Not Parents Benefit From These Programs?

Yes. The principles and skills taught in these workshops can be used by anyone who lives or works with children. The material is ideal for social workers, guidance counselors, clergy, doctors, nurses, childcare workers, camp counselors, grandparents...anyone who has contact with children. The kits have also been used successfully in high school and college courses in Family Life and Parent Education.

Can Teachers Use These Programs To Be More Effective in the Classroom?

Yes. The materials have been used successfully for teacher training courses in college and universities as well as for in-service training of teachers. The authors' book, How To Talk So Kids Can Learn - At Home and in School, is a rich source of additional examples showing the "How To Talk" skills being used in the school setting. It is strongly recommended for teacher groups using the program.

A Special Note to Mental Health Professionals.

The entertaining and true-to-life materials in the Faber-Mazlish kits have proven to be an excellent supplement to individual therapy, group therapy or family counseling.

Does the Chairperson Need Professional Training?

No. All programs were designed so that people can get together and learn on their own. No one need have any formal mental health training or group leadership expertise. Any motivated person can conduct the sessions, or the members of the group can take turns serving as chairperson.

How Long Is Each Session?

Each session runs approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending upon the size of the group. however, the timing of the workshops is flexible and can easily be adjusted to your needs.

Please explore these pages to learn more about developing communication skills through our three award-winning workshop programs, books and other materials.