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Siblings Without Rivalry - A group workshop available on two CD's

"That's mine!"..."No, mine!"silblings without rivalry |
"He punched me!"
"I never touched him!"
"You love him more than me!"

Based on the book Siblings Without Rivalry.

#1 on The New York Times Best Seller List

Featured in Parents Magazine

At last it's no longer necessary for parents to grapple by themselves with the problems of sibling rivalry. Now for the first time they can get together, share their frustrations, and study the basic principles for reducing conflict and generating goodwill among brothers and sisters.

The Siblings Without Rivalry group workshop is available in six audio tapes.  It's designed to be run either by a parent or a trained professional.  It is a self-contained, do-it-yourself course that enables you to bring together a group of parents, teachers, students, colleagues, staff, clients, friends or neighbors to solve common problems of living or working with children of all ages.

What Do the Workshops Teach?

The goal of the Siblings Without Rivalry group workshop is to help you to help your children learn how to live together.  Each session sensitizes parents to what it is that increases hostility between children and the attitude and the language that decreases hostility.  During each session, parents will learn and practice specific skills that help to reduce friction and make harmony possible.

Participants will also have the opportunity to take a fresh look at their own adult sibling relationships.

What Is in the Group Workshop?

The group workshop consists of a Workshop Kit/Chairperson's Guide to be used by the group leader, and materials to be used by individual participants.  The Workshop Kit/Chairperson's Guide includes:

siblings without rivarly |

  • Directions for the leader
  • Exercises for the participants (incorporating the entire participant's workbook)
  • Sample Certificate of Completion (purchase of additional copies on parchment paper is optional)
  • Evaluation form
  • 25 promotional brochures
  • Sample press release
  • Wall poster
  • Six sessions on two CD's, pocket cards, puzzle, supplies

Participants (order one each of the items below for each participant):

  • Participant's Workbook
  • Required reading (paper-bound book):

Siblings Without Rivalry: How To Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too.  Extends and deepens the workshop experience with explanations, questions and answers, and stories illustrating each skill.

What Will Be Covered in Each Session?

  1. Helping Siblings Deal with Their Feelings About Each Other - What happens to brothers and sisters when their hostile feelings about each other are ignored or denied?  Four specific methods for helping children express their negative feelings to each other without doing siblings without rivarly | www.fabermazlish.comdamage.
  2. Keeping Children Separate and Unequal - How siblings react when they are compared to each other - unfavorably or even favorably. Effective alternatives to comparisons. How siblings feel about always being treated equally. Ways to treat children unequally and still be fair.
  3. Siblings in Roles - Why brothers and sister are often cast, and cast each other, into different roles. A look at how powerfully these roles affect their relationships with each other. Skills that free each child to become his or her most whole self.
  4. When the Kids Fight - What can you do when fighting breaks out between the children?  An exploration of commonly used strategies that backfire.  A chance to practice the skills that reduce rage and motivate children to work out their own solutions.
  5. Problem Solving - A method for helping children deal with the problems they can't work out for themselves.  A simple ten-step approach that enables adults to sit down with the young combatants so that they can move toward resolving their conflicts.
  6. A Final Review - Time to review and consolidate your skills.  Exercises give you practice in applying everything you learned to potentially explosive situations.  Finally, an opportunity to take a second look at your own adult sibling relationships from your new perspective.

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