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Feedback from Parents and Professionals

We hear from people all over the world who have successfully used our workshop programs. Here is a sampling of some of the feedback we have received.


How to Talk so Kids WIll Listen - Workshop Feedback

"It's terrific - easy to use, filled with humor, and very satisfying.  The taped situations are really fun and connect with the participants' lives.  I appreciate the many permissions you give for people not to pressure themselves to be 'perfect' with these new ideas."

--Bill Decker, Substance  Abuse Prevention Education
Marshall, Michigan


"The material appeals to parents of different backgrounds.  We now have levels of education represented from secondary school dropouts to college graduates and all seem to understand the points that are so clearly  made."

--Caroline Page, M.S.W., Limestone County Department of
Pensions and Security, Athens Alabama


"Our employees love the program.  Everyone agrees that when things go better at home, they go better at work."

--Marilyn King, Manager of Equal Opportunity Programs,
Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City Missouri


"Excellent... Parents could not get enough of this new material... Innovative, and best of all, down to earth."

--Teresa DiTore, Director of Community Affairs, WCBS, New York


"One of the most creative approaches yet to the problem of the ages."

--Seventeen Magazine


"Stimulating, filled with information, practical...These skills can be used both in the classroom and in indvidual and group counseling sessions."

--Helene Wareham, Guidance Counselor,
William H. Taft High School, Bronx, New York


"Excellent information! I can't tell you how well received the workshop is.  The exercises are clear, basic and allow for practice.  Everyone enjoys and relates to the so-real cartoons."

--Diana Alves, M.S.W., Child Action, Inc.,
Resources and Referral Program, Sacramento, California

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Siblings Without Rivalry - Workshop Feedback

"When the 'How To Talk So Kids Will Listen' workshop series came to an end, everyone wanted more. The 'Siblings Without Rivalry' workshop was the perfect follow-up. It gave us the tools to help our children get along better and even led us to a greater understanding and acceptance of our own siblings."

--Pam Strawn, Family Program Coordinator, Fargo-Moorhead Family YMCA, Fargo, North Dakota


"Consistent with the Head Start philosophy and clearly applicable to Head Start use."

--Nancy Mallory, Resources Editor, National Head Start
Materials Center, Hyattsville, Maryland


"A double blessing! ... Group members not only reported much less quarreling and quibbling between their children, but several parents went back to their own families to resolve old rivalries."

--Barbara Fousek, Clinical Social Worker
St. Louis, Missouri


"It was a revelation to run workshops and see how much better brothers and sisters got along after their parents had taken the course."

--Susan Nason, Administrative Assistant, First Presbyterian
Church Nursery School, New York City


"The Sibling Program is right on target.  We're a family resource center serving a very needy population in the heart of the inner city.  Seventeen women signed up for the course and came every single time.  It was a profound learning experience for all."

--Elizabeth Osta, Training Specialist, Special Education
Training Resource Center, Rochester, New York


"The Siblings Without Rivalry Workshop Kit is wonderful.  Some of the reactions we've had from participants were:  'Great! So many new ideas.' ... 'I loved the role plays. They gave me insight into how the kids feel.' ... 'I feel energized, calm and at peace.' ... 'It has been a fun course that has given me new hope and new resources.'"

--Faith Bellamy, Family Education Coordinator, Peterborough
Family Enrichment Centre, Peterborough, Ontario Canada

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