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Books for Kids: Bobby and the Brockles

bobby and the brockles | bobby and the brockles |

From the bestselling authors of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, these delightful, hardcover picture books teach kids communication skills, and are designed for parents and children to share with each other.

The important message of these books is gently revealed in their stories. They illustrate how talking things out with those with whom you disagree can be the first step in reaching acceptable compromises for all involved.

Both children and adults will love these stories about a young boy named Bobby, and the Brockles, two tiny beings dressed in silver from outer space who, when not arguing with each other, manage to dispense useful wisdom to help Bobby get along with his family and his schoolmates.

These full-color picture books are a perfect complement to any of the Faber/Mazlish Workshops.

"Wonderful children's books....Books of this kind are one of the most powerful forces for education that there are."

--Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.

"A great teaching book told with humor and heart."

--Bergen County Kids Magazine


Bobby Babbit finds himself fighting with his mother, his sister, even his best friend, Sam. After one especially unhappy day, he is visited by the Brockles, two tiny silver-clad creatures from outer space named Groot and Murry. Slowly but surely, the Brockles help Bobby to discover and practice the important secrets of how to get along with others.



Bobby Babbit's family has moved, and Bobby must go to a new school. On the first day, the other kids are mean to him, tease him and refuse to include him in their games. Dejected, Bobby is dreading his second day.  Then the Brockles appear. They give him some good ideas about how to make friends. When another new kid arrives, Bobby knows how he feels, and tries to make things a little easier for him.

Used successfully by teachers to combat bullying in the classroom and on the playground.

Pleaae note that the earlier versions of the Brockles books pictured above have now been replaced by updated editions featuring beautiful new illustrations by Rejean Roy. This page will soon be revised to reflect the new illustrations. In the meantime, you can click here, to visit our store where you can view the new covers, and be able to purchase the books:

Semi-hardcover; 8" x 10; 71 and 63 pages, respectively

$13.50 per copy

$12.75 per copy when you purchase 6 or more